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Jesus has resurrected xD
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Angels (Colors)
I did it... a painted this... and even if could have been better, I still love it x) 
warning: too much brigthness!! bring your sunglasses XD

some lore of these guys:

The Argent Guards (or "Silver Angels" as people call them), are artificial angels, robots, created and controlled by the Goddess of Day, Light, Science and Technology, Argenta Cheng, the subtle master of the Civilized World. It is said that a situation is only dire if she is forced to send them to solve it... usually en masse.

Angels of the Old Faith , are mysterious beings that rearely manifest in the physical world to perform wondrous miracles or aid in battles against demonic forces, they are servants of the Old God, the creator. Is said that they are harbingers of fate itself and as such, having one in your side means that whatever you are going through, your victory is assured. The faith in this God was considerably reduced due to his aparently limited intervention compared to the other two. Glorious anthems are written in part of their clothes.

Angels of The Holy Shadow, are creepy beings that lurk in the darkness and serve the enigmatic God of the Night and the Magical Arts, also refered to by many as the "Dark God". These guys only appear during the night and is said that they are always searching for evil magicians to punish them horribly... they are often seen hanging out near the temples of the Dark God or accompaniying teams of Dark Disciples (clerics of the Dark God). Its said by few that they are actually pretty fun guys if you can overcome your fears and talk to them... it is also said by some more people they love to scare people for shits and giggles XD

well, my fevered inspiration (very lovecraftian of me xD) is done! :D hope someone likes this as much as I do :D

the characters are part of the Onirica Universe, in particular, to the same universe of Lost Travelers (… ), Seeker Travelers (… ), Holy Travelers (… ) and Savage Travelers (… ).

also, might appear in Lost Traveler story series ( start reading here:… ) 
someday :D

Everything in this picture belongs to me!!! :D
Artificial Angel 
Old Faith Angel
Holy Night and Magic Angel

Creatures that exist in the same universe as Flare and Nyepu DX 

I've been sick these days X_X and thanks to it, I was inspired (and had the time) to do this xD

I want to paint this before I resume my work on comissions :D so wait for the finished work with more info about these guys and the faiths they represent x)

for some reason they make me think in the typical roles of tank, DPS and Support xD
Jesus has resurrected xD
  • Listening to: Informer - snow




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