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Dark corner, the Rabbit and the monster :iconarcadian123:arcadian123 0 0 Dark corner, the Fairy :iconarcadian123:arcadian123 2 0 crossover xD :iconarcadian123:arcadian123 1 5 Wilhelm y Katya, exorcistas :iconarcadian123:arcadian123 1 2 Fighting Weirdness :iconarcadian123:arcadian123 7 2 Feeling The Breeze :iconarcadian123:arcadian123 4 6 valentine's day special (very late) part 3 :iconarcadian123:arcadian123 7 2 valentine's day special (very late) part 2 :iconarcadian123:arcadian123 8 2 valentine's day special (very late) part 1 :iconarcadian123:arcadian123 8 2 Rembrandt and Pacifica Colors :iconarcadian123:arcadian123 24 8 Rembrandt and Pacifica :iconarcadian123:arcadian123 12 2 la carrera de adala y flare xD :iconarcadian123:arcadian123 2 6 taking care of themselves :iconarcadian123:arcadian123 10 10 Aerial fight :iconarcadian123:arcadian123 10 17 Adventurers :iconarcadian123:arcadian123 13 8 pokemon Cataclysm: victory report :iconarcadian123:arcadian123 6 2


Mutara Continues...
After long months of waiting, the next installment of the WildeHopps Space Opera has returned...

To read the first chapter, head here:
And give lots of hugs and thanks to the author!
:iconthewyvernsweaver:TheWyvernsWeaver 8 7
Disney Villains Color :iconcomfortlove:ComfortLove 626 76 Humidum Aqua center :icontryingtofly:Tryingtofly 887 34 Winter Evening by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 251 7 pom pom borb :iconpurpleninfy:purpleninfy 121 9 [Doodle Art] Flying Hero :iconvavacung:vavacung 269 17 No More Mr. Nice Weegie :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 3,905 286 Easily amused :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 12,194 1,773 Faith - Earth :icontryingtofly:Tryingtofly 1,764 46
Sunderance - Chapter 9: Pluto and Proserpina
    “Everything is fine, mom. I am in the city, I’m on the case and I’m safe…”
    “You most certainly are not safe,” Stu’s voice and face blustered from the phone in her hand. She could all but see his blood pressure rising and released a slow sigh as he continued. “We saw the news! We know you were attacked, practically right off the train! And where were the ZPD? Nowhere near you, that’s where they were!”
    “Yes, but we knew that already,” she commented when her father paused to take a breath, fixing a calm smile on her muzzle and keeping her ears erect. “That is why Nick is protecting me while I’m here. And if you were watching the news, I am sure you know that he is more than capable.”
    She had known that the call wouldn’t be an easy one from the moment she had checked her phone and found sixteen
:iconkulkum:Kulkum 48 37
Sunderance - Chapter 9: Pluto and Proserpina :iconthewyvernsweaver:TheWyvernsWeaver 187 68 CARING FOR LOVE Limited edition giclee set :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 236 1 a e s t h e t i c :iconmintyskie-s:mintyskie-s 134 21 FUNTIME PAL :iconmintyskie-s:mintyskie-s 136 28 ToT - TalF |CH 1| Leap of Faith - Page 18 :iconstarlynxwish:StarLynxWish 153 31 ILYSM!! :iconmintyskie-s:mintyskie-s 75 7


Dark corner, the Rabbit and the monster
Rincón Oscuro (Dark corner) is a story I've written in spanish about a human, a rabbit warrior and a magical bird who, by traveling by Onirica, the spiritual world, end up trapped in a mysterious research facility full alien monstruosities... here, the rabbit is a bout to tear that monster apart with those tentacles which are made out of his soul O:

all belongs to me :D
Dark corner, the Fairy
Rincón Oscuro (Dark corner) is a story I've written in spanish about a human, a rabbit warrior and a magical bird who, by traveling by Onirica, the spiritual world, end up trapped in a mysterious research facility full alien monstruosities... they meetthat fairy after beating a lot of the things... and she will provide info... for a price.

everything is mine :D
crossover xD
Every now and then I find characters I like and then I want to draw them... this time, considering some similariities, I decided to draw these three together x3

Katya, the pink rabbit exorcist belongs to me (… )
Darza, the pink cat time traveler belongs to VallShad ( ) check this gallery! xD
Haruka, the blue vixen warrior belongs to RabbitBrush ( y… ) eh doesn't have an account here but his characters are very cute :3

anyway, hope you like this :D
Wilhelm y Katya, exorcistas
An idea that have been marauding in my mind for a while xD This is what happen when someone (my illustration and comic masters) tells me to try something different... I end up doing something slightly different x)

BTW a special thanks to for helping me with the colour scheme for the rabbit girl! Check her gallery, is beatiful x)

Anyway, about the characters...

A young and studious researcher cat, Wilhelm developed, with the help of his father, a bracelet that gives the user the ability to phase out from the physical plane. In that state, the wearer is completely untouchable but can touch at will whatever they want in the physical plane. He develop it to create a new and more universal way of protecting people that had to enter into hazardous places. 

A young and energetic bunny with a bright future in cuisine and businesses, Katya had taken upon herself to fight against evil spirits wherever they are... why? because she has the ability to touch the untouchable! She can beat spirits with her bare hands and feet and send them back to wherever they come from... as such, she'd also study enough magical arts to be capable of detecting these dark beings to hunt them down.

Now what does one had to do with the other? well, during one of his experimental runs, Wilhelm run into Katya by accident and spooked her... she kicked him really hard on reflex XD after that, he had to convince the determined bunny that he was not a demon before she could "exorcise" him (see: beat him to a pulp) ... After that fortuitous encounter, the two of them began to hang out a lot. He was curious about the mysterious spirits the girl claimed to have fought and Katya's unsual ability to touch non-physical beings, while she was curious about the cat's strange device and also happy beyond words for having had gotten herself a sidekick (Wilhelm was not happy with that designation).

What weirdness awaits them? only time will tell xD

all the characters belong to me 
Fighting Weirdness
Alola is a place where dimensional anomalies happen with more ease... so a mysterious male meowstic that got lost in a PC Box a long time ago under unknown circumstances has come back to the pokemon world using said anomalies to his advantage. And he brought some company with him: a female meowstic, an altered version of a nefertimon (from the digimon world) and a strange dragon-like lady (my own creation xD).

The alolan adventurers, Klaus the Flygon and Silvania the Lurantis, had a very bad feeling about these guys and decided to confront them... 

part of pokemon cataclysm version :D 

sorry for the weirdness, but I like it x)

for me at least -.-

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1. You have to post ALL the Rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves. 
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer. 
4. Choose 13 people. 
5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people. 
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags. 
7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED. (but...just no)
8. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking ABOUT the entry. (...)
9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator tells you. 
10. Be creative with the title. No "I got tagged" stuff (._.)

About me:
1. I'm excited for being tagged for the first time in my life XD
2. My favorite colour is yellow.
3. I'm too lazy to paint manually.
4. I like to draw manually and make detailed works.
5. I'm shy to talk to too many people, and just a little less shy to talk to one or two people at the time... beer is the elixir of bravery x)
6. I might gain a lot of enemies by saying this but I don't like dogs that much x-x I'm more of a cat person...
7. I can focus on something to the point of phasing out reality around me...
8. I hate to be interrupted, I'd only allow it if I'm doing something I don't want to.
9. I'm a fan (loosest meaning of the word) of the great H.P. Lovecraft's works :) I even got an anthology in my last visit to USA x)
10. I like emoticons a lot, for some reason XD
11. I'm catholic u3u  
12. In my country Peru, with have processions where we carry the image of The Lord of Miracle (A local manifestation of Jesus) by the streets of our district, the ones in charge of carrying said huge image over a huge dais, are the many brotherhoods of the Lord of Miracles... I belong to the one of Vitarte District, in Lima city.  
13. I love cute things x) (not dogs, though, but some are cute :V)


1. What's your favourite video/computer game genre?
- Strategy (RTS), action shooter

2. What's your favourite TV show?
- I don't watch TV anymore :C

3. Do you like pokemon?
- Yeah

4. What is your birthstone?
- Citrine... 

5. What is your favourite book of all time?
- Not sure

6. What brought you to deviantArt?
- Not sure, I can't remember it... probably pókemon stuff, landscapes or renamon...

7. If you could enter the world of a game/book/TV show, which would you choose?
- The pokemon world

8. Do you like animals?
- I like them enough

9. What's one thing you really want to get better at?
- Writting (Narrative) and observation skills...

10. Do you play Pokémon Go?
- yeah

11. What's your favourite food?
- Ceviche

12. What are your hobbies?
- Drawing, writting, looking for artwork of my interest, reading stories of many kinds (japanese light novels, certain cómics and webcomics, fan fics of zootopia XD, horror stories (specially lovecraft stories and stories inspired by his work), nuzlockes, sci-fi, fantasy, etc), listen to music.

13. What do you aspire to be in life?
- Versatile guy (engineer, writter, ilustrators, comic developer, cook, and famous XD)

To tag someone... I won't :C i'm suffering from a shyness attack U_U
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